Our Coffee: From Plant to Cup

Here at Lebkov, we strive to serve only honest and high quality products. Our coffee is no exception. To find the perfect cup of coffee we travelled all the way to the beautiful town of Antigua located in the Central American countryside of Guatemala.  

The Farm

Here we found UNESCO heritage site Finca Santa Clara, a coffee farm embedded between the volcano’s Agua and Fuego also known as the Volcanoes of Water and Fire. These volcanoes provide rich volcanic soils and create a microclimate in Antigua Valley that is ideal for farming coffee. Antigua is one of the most traditional coffee regions of Guatemala. These traditional values combined with the rich soil and ideal climate create the classic and popular taste profile found in a cup of our Lebkov coffee.

The farm has been in the hands of the Zelaya family since 1908 and is currently managed by Ricardo Zelaya. Before taking over, Ricardo moved away from the farm to earn a business degree. After obtaining his degree he returned to the farm and started transforming the business model to his vision. By putting emphasis on high quality, sustainability and direct trade relations all over the world. At Lebkov we are proud to be in business with such an established and well known player in the coffee industry.


The Harvest

However, a lot of work has to done before the coffee from Finca Santa Clara ends up in our stores and in your coffee cup. Once a year, after the rains, flowering and a maturation period of up to nine months the coffee cherries are ready to be harvested. However, not all cherries are ripe at the exact same moment and are therefore picked by hand. To ensure the all the cherries are picked at the right moment, pickers usually return to the same plant three to four times per harvest.

After picking the cherries are hand sorted to double check for accidental unripe cherries before being delivered to the washing station. Here the coffee beans are removed from the cherries and kept in a tank overnight. The next morning the beans are washed with clean water from the springs before drying them for a period of around two weeks. 

Afbeelding harvest

Keeping it fresh and tasty

After the drying period the coffee beans are ready to be packed. Like all things at Lebkov we like to keep our coffee fresh. So as soon as possible we ship the coffee to our climate controlled warehouse where the flavour of the beans is maintained. In order to provide the best coffee experience the coffee is freshly roasted only a week before being distributed to our locations. To maintain the same taste an quality of coffee over several years, we make a yearly visit to Finca Santa Clara during the harvesting season. During our visits we taste and compare the new harvest to last year’s and select the batch that is the closest match.  From plant to cup we want to make sure every last drop of flavour is squeezed out of the coffee bean. To make sure of this we give our barista’s regular trainings. These trainings allow them to update their skills and knowledge of this year’s harvest. All to assure you of a perfectly tasting cup of coffee.

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Besides the excellent quality of the coffee, there is another reason why we chose Finca Santa Clara as our source of coffee. Owner Ricardo Zelaya believes education is a key component of a brighter future. Many children in Guatemala go to school for only a couple of years because their parents simply can’t afford additional years of education. Therefore, with a part of the farm’s earnings, Ricardo has started a special program with which he helps to pay for the education of the children of his employees. By providing these children an opportunity to continue their education he hopes to make a difference in the lives of the families living at the Santa Clara farm. The program currently provides education to 110 children with seven of them reaching university level education. By buying the majority of Ricardo’s produce every year we hope to support his mission to make education fully available to every child.



Wij verkopen deze koffie in onze vestigingen bij Leiden Centraal Station (Bio Science Park), Rotterdam Centraal Station (Rotterdam Central District), Den Haag Centraal Station (Wijnhaven kwartier), Amsterdam Zuidas en Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena Station (Amsterdamse Poort). Van dubbele espresso tot cappuccino, latte, flat white, iced coffee, iced cappuccino of filterkoffie, wij zetten het graag. Daarnaast hebben wij verschillende soorten melk (vol, halfvol, mager, soya, havermelk, amandelmelk of kokosmelk). Tot ziens bij Lebkov!

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